Perspective is Everything!

Growing up my Dad would tell me stories that he had heard as a young man. Some of the stories were fictional and quite humorous, but all were designed to teach valuable life lessons. One of the stories was about a young country boy who had very little education and was traveling down an old dusty road. As he was walking, an older farmer, who was very much a practical joker, came up beside him in a wagon. Although the wagon was full, the farmer invited the young man to climb atop the cargo and rest his feet while they traveled. The young boy gratefully obliged and jumped up on the rear of the wagon with his back toward the farmer. Not long into their trip the farmer spotted a low hanging limb and thought it would be a great opportunity to have a little fun at the young boy’s expense. As he approached the limb he quickly dunked his head and grabbed it with his free hand. Because the boy was facing the opposite direction he could not see what the farmer was doing. The farmer held onto the limb as long as he could, causing as much as recoil as possible. At the very last minute, the farmer yelled, “Watch out for the limb!” In perfect timing, the boy turned just in time for the limb to collide with his face knocking him clear off the wagon. The farmer, laughing inside, was amazed at the boy’s response. After picking himself up from the ground the boy said, “Boy I sure am glad you held onto that limb as long as you did, otherwise it would have probably killed me!” I guess there are various life lessons we could gain from this story, but the one I would like to leave you with is that no matter what life throws at you, with the right perspective, there is always hope. Maybe it is hard for you to believe in hope today. My prayer is you will have the right perspective and know God loves you. With Him all things are possible. Don’t ever give up!

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